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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chopin Study Guide

Remember to review the biography posted earlier this month, as well as this study guide, to prepare for tomorrow's quiz.

1. Frederic François Chopin was born in Poland.

2. His birthday was March 1, 1809.

3. He spent most of his life in the two cities of Warsaw and Paris.

4. His father was French; his mother Polish.

5. At the age of nine he made his first public appearance as a pianist.

6. Many distinguished people welcomed him to Paris.

7. Among them were Liszt, Berlioz, Meyerbeer, Heine.

8. His first weeks in Paris were discouraging; his first concert poorly attended.

9. This tempted him to return to Poland.

10. But his friends urged him to remain in Paris.

11. Finally success came.

12. Chopin was described as one who spoke little, especially among strangers.

13. Some of the music forms which he wrote are the nocturne, waltz, mazurka, impromptu, concerto, polonaise, etude.

14. Schumann was one of the first to declare Chopin a genius.

15. Chopin worked hard all his life.

16. But in his last years he suffered from ill-health.

17. Like Milton, Beethoven, Stevenson and Grieg, he kept on with his work, in spite of his illness.

18. Chopin once went to England and Scotland.

19. Chopin was very fond of Bach and urged his pupils to practice Bach pieces every day for the mental drill as well as the drill for the fingers.

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