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Monday, October 29, 2012

Create a Composer Timeline & Map

Use Thomas Tapper's thoughts, below, to create a map and a timeline to enhance your knowledge of classical music.

Have you ever thought that the beautiful ideas of great men sometimes outlive famous cities?

What a lot of cities and countries we must visit in our thoughts, to see the great composers at their work. For example—

1. Grieg belongs to Norway.

2. Chopin to Warsaw and Paris.

3. Schubert to Vienna in Austria.

4. Bach to Thuringia in Saxony, Germany.

5. Handel to Germany and England.

6. Haydn to Hungary.

7. Beethoven to Germany and Vienna. (He was born at Bonn on the Rhine).

8. Schumann to Germany.

9. Mendelssohn to Hamburg and Berlin, Germany.

10. Mozart to Salzburg and Vienna in Austria.

It will be a pleasant thing for us to see if we can arrange these names in order, beginning with the oldest, Bach and Handel, and coming down to the latest. By doing such things, time and time again, they begin to stick in the memory.

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