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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chopin Quiz

Quiz time! How many can you answer correctly?  Use the study guide from earlier this month to check your answers.

1. In what country was Chopin born?

2. In what two great cities did he live?

3. In what year was Chopin born?

4. What other composer was born about the same time?

5. When did Chopin first appear in public?

6. What two works had he already composed when he set out for Paris?

7. Who were some of the people who welcomed Chopin to Paris?

8. Name some of the great cities in which he played.

9. What led Chopin to want to leave Paris?

10. Why did he change his mind and remain there?

11. What great German composer discovered Chopin to be a genius?

12. Name some great writers and composers who kept at work even though they were not in the best of health.

13. In what country was Grieg born?

14. In what city was Mozart born?

15. In what two countries did Handel live?

16. What famous river flows by the City of Warsaw?

17. Name some of the kinds of music that Chopin composed?

18. What music by Chopin have you heard?

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