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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Grieg Study Guide

Quiz tomorrow! Use this handy guide to study.


When you have read this page and the next make a story about Grieg's life. Write it in your own words. When you are quite sure you cannot improve it, copy it on pages 15 and 16.
1. Grieg was born June 15, 1843, near Bergen, Norway.
2. His father's ancestors were Scotch folk who went to Norway after the Battle of Culloden, in 1745.
3. It was Grieg's mother who gave him his first lessons.
4. One of his best friends—and one who did much for him—was Ole Bull, the great violinist.
5. Grieg studied at the Leipzig Conservatory.
6. His teachers were Moscheles, Hauptmann (who liked his music), Richter, and Papperitz.
7. Sir Arthur Sullivan, who composed the opera,Pinafore, was one of Grieg's fellow students at Leipzig. Dudley Buck, the American composer, was there at the same time.
8. Among Grieg's friends were Gade, Nordraak, Ibsen, Bjornson and Svendsen.
9. He married his cousin, Mina Hagerup, who was a fine singer.
10. Grieg composed for the piano, voice, violin, and for the orchestra.
11. Grieg wrote music to Ibsen's Peer Gynt, at the poet's request.
12. The Norwegian Government granted Grieg a pension, so that he could be free to devote himself to composition.
13. He died September 3, 1907.

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