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Friday, March 29, 2013

Grieg Quiz

Good luck! You can check your answers against the biography and study guide posted earlier this month.

1. When and where was Grieg born?
2. Name some famous men of his country.
3. Who was his first teacher?
4. Through whose advice did he go to the Conservatory at Leipzig?
5. What Danish composer gave Grieg good advice about his compositions?
6. Who were some of Grieg's teachers?
7. What composition by Grieg was given first prize in the contest in Sweden?
8. What famous song did Grieg dedicate to Mina Hagerup?
9. Tell about Grieg's visit to Liszt in Rome.
10. Name as many of his compositions as you can. How many have you heard?
11. Tell what you know about Grieg's personal appearance.
12. When did Grieg die? How old was he?
13. Who was Jenny Lind?

Come back in April for our month of Verdi!

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