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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Quiz on J. S. Bach

     Sharpen your pencils, it's quiz time!  How many facts do you remember about J. S. Bach?  Try your hand at the following questions (you may check your answers against the fact sheet in yesterday's post, or against the biography...questions are quoted from the biography):

1. In what year did Bach die?
2. Name an American who was alive at the same time.
3. What famous castle can be seen from the streets of Eisenach?
4. What other great German composer lived in Bach's time?
5. What instruments could Bach play?
6. For what purpose did Bach travel from place to place, as a boy?
7. What was the name of Sebastian's father?
8. Who was Hans, the Player?
9. Were any of Bach's children musical?
10. What music by Bach have you heard?
     I'm sure that went quite well for you, as you are sure to have learned a lot during this month's classical journey.  Coming up in June: Beethoven!  See you then!

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