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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Instrument of the Month: bassoon

     One thing you'll notice about classical music: it is VERY focused on just a few instruments; namely piano, organ, voice, violin, and  - to a lesson extent - cello.  Let's take a little time each month to get to know some of the other classical instruments, as well  (I am not mentioning the many ethnic folk instruments, as that is beyond the scope of this particular course).
     May's instrument is the bassoon.  Like many of our upcoming feature instruments, it sounds great and truly does not get its share of the spotlight.  The bassoon is a woodwind instrument. Its sound is produced by blowing through a double reed (two slats of giant cane tied
     Please enjoy this recording of  Mozart's  Sonata for Bassoon and Cello KV292, Allegro.  I have been unable to get performer information on this video, but it sounds great! Anyone out there know who's playing this?
     To learn more about the bassoon, read this page from the delightful Dallas Symphony website:

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