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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Quiz on Giuseppe Verdi

Here is the quiz. You may check your answers against the study guide and the biography.

Please join us in May, as we begin our month on composer Richard Wagner.

Good luck!

Quiz on Giuseppe Verdi

1. When and where was Verdi born?

2. How old was he when he died?

3. Can you mention three works of Verdi that are not operas?

4. How many operas can you name from memory?

5. What instruments did Verdi play as a boy?

6. What was the title of Verdi's first opera?

7. The title of his last two operas?

8. What did Verdi love to do besides compose music?

9. What is a Spinet?

10. In what famous city did he study as a boy?

11. How many operas, in all, did Verdi compose?

12. Where is the scene of Aida laid?

13. To what did Verdi devote his fortune?

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