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Friday, February 1, 2013

Schubert Quiz

After you have answered the questions, check the study guide and bio for the true answers.  Next post begins our month of  Edvard Grieg, so stay tuned!

1. Where was Schubert born?

2. When was Schubert born?

3. Name two American authors who were boys when Schubert was born.

4. Name two composers who lived at the same time.

5. What was the father of Franz Schubert?

6. Who taught Schubert harmony?

7. Give the name of a famous song by Schubert.

8. What famous musician died in Vienna when Schubert was twelve years old?

9. Who was the noted singer who helped to make Schubert's songs famous?

10. When did Schubert die?

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