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Monday, January 14, 2013

Let's Listen: The Vienna Boys Choir sing Schubert

The Vienna Boys Choir - Schubert : Die Nacht & Nachthelle


  1. Thanks for your comment about the importance of getting over 80% in the 'real' world. That was something I had not even mentioned but I should have.

    I'm so glad to have found your blog. We all love classical music but our CD player broke and we're trying to get used to a new system of listening; your blog will make it easier to have some nice new music and bypass the confusing computer set-up we have now.

    1. Welcome to you and your family!
      Annie Kate is referring to the concept of setting the passing grade for homeschool students at 80%, and I agreed...and for those of you who think I must have perfect children, my son has flunked quite a lot by this standard. It's hard, but now is the time for him to resolve this, not someday when he's sitting for a promotional or scholarship exam.

      Anyhoooo...glad to have you here. I have 3 more months worth of content to post, and then you will have a full, one-year course here on 12 major composers. I still be around to tweak things and check links, though.

      I've also just launched a poetry website, more of a reciting forum to get folks from all walks of life saying classic poetry.
      That one's

      Have a cuppa tea for me!