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Monday, December 31, 2012

The Handel Quiz

You may use the biography and the study guide to check your answers, or treat yourself to a copy of our companion book, 12 Quizzes on Classical Composers, which has a printed answer key. Shopper links  are below the quiz.

Good luck! Happy New Year!!

1. In what year was Handel born?

2. What other great composer was born the same year in Germany?

3. What was the profession of Handel's father?

4. How did it come about that Handel was allowed to study music?

5. Who was Handel's first teacher?

6. What subjects did he study with his teacher?

7. What instruments did Handel play?

8. In what other cities and countries did Handel live?

9. Of what country did he become a citizen?

10. Name some of the famous composers of the day whom Handel knew.

11. What kinds of music did Handel write?

12. What form of music is the Messiah?

13. What was the Water Music?

14. How did Handel come to write it?

15. When did Handel die and where was he buried?

E book:
12 Quizzes on Classical Composers - Gail McGaffigan

Print book:

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