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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Haydn Study Guide

There will be a quiz tomorrow.  This study guide will help, but be sure you re-read the biography.

1. He was born at Rohrau, in Hungary, March 31, 1732.

2. He was a few weeks younger than George Washington.

3. As a little boy he loved to hear his father and mother sing.

4. While they sang he played on a "make-believe" violin, of two sticks.

5. He left home at the age of six and never lived there again.

6. First he became a choir-boy at Hainburg.

7. When he was eight years old he entered St. Stephen's in Vienna as a chorister.

8. After he left St. Stephen's he worked hard for many years. Many people whom he met in this time helped him.

9. Among his friends of this period were: Metastasio, Porpora, Gluck, Mozart and his father, and Beethoven.

10. For a time he was Beethoven's teacher.

11. He spent a great part of his life in the Esterhazy family.

12. Here he was Vice-Capellmeister and composer to the Prince.

13. He was a short, stout man, with kindly gray eyes, and very dark hair.

14. He went twice to England to conduct his symphonies.

15. Haydn was called the father of the Symphony and of the String Quartette.

16. He composed a song which will always be famous. It is called The Emperor's Song.

17. He died in 1809, seventy-seven years of age.

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