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Monday, July 30, 2012

Mozart Recap

There is a quiz tomorrow.  You may use this recap of the facts to study now, and to check your answers after the quiz.

1. Full name: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

2. Born Jan. 27, 1756; died Dec. 5, 1791.

3. The sister's name was Maria Anna.

4. Maria Anna was five years older than Wolfgang.

5. The pet names of the children were Wolferl and Nannerl.

6. Little Mozart loved to hear his sister play.

7. He started to study when he was four.

8. Mozart went on a concert tour with his sister when he was six years old.

9. When he was a child he visited many great cities, among them Paris, London and Vienna.

10. Handel and Haydn were living when Mozart was born.

11. Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and Walter Scott were all alive during the time of Mozart.

12. Mozart was five years old when he wrote his first piece.

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