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Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Little Humor: P.D.Q. Bach

     I just cannot resist posting this utter silliness. This link will allow you to stream a 1972 program by Peter Schickele. Listen closely, though - about 5 minutes into the broadcast, Schicklele makes a very valid point about how his satire makes classical music more accessible to us all. Mostly though, this is just solid fun. Kick back and prepare to smile:
Program note from
     "The eminent musicologist and humorist Peter Schickele, discover of P.D. Q. Bach talks with conductor George Cleve about the works of this obscure, umpteenth child of J. S Bach. Best described as a manic plagiarizer P.D.Q. Bach has been entertaining audiences with his music for decades. The occasion for this broadcast was a preview of a concert Schickele was about to give with the San Jose Symphony Orchestra."

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